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 August 2016 -  Kobra Text has been revived
        * After a long hiatus I decided to pull out the source code I have for the Kobra Text text editor, brush it off and see if I can get the damn thing to work.
 Why? Because I'm bored.

This is the Kobra Text project ("kobra-text")

   Kobra Text is a simple basic text editor. That's it.

It allows you read, write, edit, and save plain text files and log files. It can also be used to create, save and edit Windows Registry Scripts, Batch Files and NT Command scripts. Kobra Text is portable. No install is required. There will be an installable version, it isn't necessary, but may be appreciated by some users.

Kobra Text was originally built by my friend DarkSnakeKobra as a replacement for the Windows Notepad in the event of Notepad being disabled as a result of a malware attack. Registry scripts, batch files and various other command scripts have to be written in plain text with no special formatting, the most common tool used is the Windows Notepad. Kobra Text is an open source free software alternate.

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